Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nail Polish Remover to Shine Your Pans

Remember way back when I posted about using Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap with tea tree to clean my pans? (If not you can read more about it HERE)

Well I still had another sheet pan that was in dire need of some cleaning. However, I could not justify spending $10 on another bottle of soap just to clean one pan.
(We originally bought Dr. Bronner's to help with my daughters eczema but have found a cheaper option so we no longer buy it)

So I went on a search to find an ingredient I already had on hand.
 I tried a few options I found online (vinegar, backing soda, dryer sheets) but none of them worked.

That night while I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth, I spotted my nail polish remover.
I thought 'It gets the polish off my nails so maybe it will take the gunk off my pans.'
Sounds crazy right? But I was desperate and decided it was worth a shot.

I poured a cap-ful of nail polish remover onto the pan then began to scrub it with a scour pad.
(It would be a good idea to do this outside or at least in a well ventilated room.)
Holy-moly I couldn't believe my eyes. Look at how clean my pan is!!

You can obviously tell that this pan is a lot worse than the pan I used in the first post, yet it was so much easier to clean!! The nail polish remover requires very little scrubbing compared to the tee tree soap. You can literally see black gunk float to the top of the liquid as soon as you pour it over the pan.

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