Monday, October 7, 2013

Bloggy Olympics Link Party

By in a jiffy I am constant so as to you tolerate seen the AMAZING projects my partners in crime came up with on behalf of the Bloggy Olympics, but scarcely in rationale you missed them at this point they are again.

You can regain the tutorial on behalf of these super at ease baseball cuffs by the side of Kissed by a Frog and head on above to The Crafty Scientist who will event you haw to whisk up this adorable fabric flower frame.

Bath Tub Fun

I had a few glow sticks left over from our road trip so I thought I would let the girls have some fun during their evening bath.
Check it out.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

More the Merrier Monday #69

How is everyone's summer vacation open? I am already greater than this heat up. Luckily we gain been blessed with a quantity of shower showers all over the week however, the warmth has not dropped next to all.

At the same time as each time now are a the minority of the amazing projects hat linked up stay fresh week.

Add it to the LIST!!

Add it to the LIST!!
If at all of you are like me (and I'm yes many of you are) after that you give birth to a slope a mile long of projects you would like to make sure of. Well at this time are a only some more items with the intention of I found by this weeks link group to add to my project slope.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Summer Lovin' had me a Blast

had me a Blast
Sorry, I couldn't help it. I heard with the aim of song on a ad former times and it has been wedged in my head forever since.

Anywho, the hospitable days of summer are preliminary to connect with near summit. For a little of you with the aim of may perhaps mean it will conclusively be hospitable as much as necessary representing you to get pleasure from an al fresco BBQ while others (including me) will be defeat away indoors hugging the air conditioner and loading up on ice hose. Either way I though I would tow jointly a not many fun crafts to put together the approach days more enjoyable (or more bearable).

Handmade Christmas Gifts for Boys.

Handmade Christmas Gifts for Boys.
If you declare been following me on facebook you know with the aim of I declare had Christmas on my mind. Yes I know it is just July single of my goals this time was to put together nearly everyone our Christmas gifts. Well conjecture how many I declare made so far? NONE!!! However, I am still dogged to flog up a duo gifts earlier Christmas is leading us. I declare three amazing nephews so I declare been looking representing a little fun gifts with the aim of they will love. (I declare to say with the aim of girls are so much easier to put together things for) Here are a not many of the ideas with the aim of I came up with.

This little Yoda softie is on target representing cuddling as well as fighting inedible one bad guys