Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7 ways to organize your garage

I'm not going to lie. Our garage is a mess!!
After having a yard sale last weekend we managed to clear out a TON of stuff and now I am on the search for some organizing inspiration. Here are a few fantastic ideas that I came up with.

Overhead Storage - This would be a great place to store all of our holiday decor and camping gear! Using 2x4s and plywood strips, you can customize them to fit any size of tote.

Stud Storage - I love the idea of using the space between studs to store items such as fishing poles and sports equipment.

 Rolling Storage Cabinets - What a great way to hide all of the clutter! By adding some pegboard and a few shelves inside you would be able to store so much. Make a few of them and add labels. One for tools, garden items, fishing gear, etc...

Clay Pot Storage - Not only is this a great idea for storing garden items but adding sand can also help keep your small garden tools rust free.

Bucket Hose Storage - Not only will this keep your garden hose organized, it also gives you a place to store any sprinklers and other hose connections. You could also use the same idea with recycle cans and smaller hoses or extension cords.

Clear Bin Storage -  I've found similar bins at Walmart for less than $1 a piece. Such a great way to organize smaller items that would get lost inside those large totes. 

Corner Storage Project - What a great way to use corner space for organizing items.
Lazy Susans allow it to rotate for easy access. You can also add cans or small buckets to the shelves to store smaller items such as screws and nails.

I'm still not sure what to do with bulky power tools (i.e. jig saw, cordless drill, etc..)
Many of these items get used a few times a week so I would like to have them easily accessible.
Any ideas?

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