Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Super Simple Bunny Pattern (Last Minute Basket Stuffer)

Wow! Did you know that Easter is this Sunday?

Not really sure where my mind has been these past few days but this holiday sure did sneak up on me. I am far from being prepared.
Thankfully my blogging buddy, Becky, has my back. Becky from Patchwork Posse sent me a link to her super simple (and completely adorable) Quilt Block Bunny Pattern

I am definitely going to whip up a couple of these to add to the girls' baskets this weekend.
These adorable bunnies where made from a few spare quilt blocks and are perfect for anyone looking for a last minute Easter gift. They are so simple that Becky's 9 year old daughter can make them. Click HERE to view Becky's Quilt Block Bunny Pattern.

Need a few more last minute Easter basket stuffers?
Check out these adorable crafts

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