Friday, August 10, 2012

MMM #71 Features!!

You may have noticed that I have not posted in a couple days.
I really needed to take a short break and just recharge.
I took on some new adventured and started a bagillion other projects over the last month and in the end I wore myself out. I needed some time to recharge and think about what was important.
I have a really bad habit of starting way too many projects at once.
I also have a bad habit of thinking I HAVE to finish every project that I start even if it is not turning out how I want.
Unfortunately trying to finish these projects was stressing me out, not to mention that they were getting in the way of me doing other more important things. As much as I hated to do it, I made a decision NOT to finish these projects. Some will be tossed in the garbage, others will find a new use, and a small few will be tucked away into storage so that maybe in the future when I have time I can finish them. It kills me to toss something that I have spent so much time on but in the end I realized that it would be pointless to spend several more hours on each of these projects when I know they will not turn out.
What about you? Have you ever spent hours on a project even though it was NOT turning out how you envisioned yet you couldn't bare the thought of giving up on it? 

OK, sorry for going on and on but I felt like I owed you an explanation for my absence these past few days.

So now you may be wondering why I am posting Features from MMM today?
Well I feel that most of the people that come link up to MMM are only there to link up their projects and them move onto the next link party without paying much attention (if any at all) to the features.
I figure that if I give the features their own special post then they will receive many more views and get the attention that they deserve.

And finally... without further ado... here are the features from MMM #71

Wordless shared some amazing chevron printables.

I am in love with this cork serving tray from 21 Rosemary Lane.

Who knew a simple shelf could take these photos from ok to amazing. Head on over to The Creative Imperative.

I can't get over how amazing this wooden welcome mat is from Domestic Imperfection.

How to Nest For Less came up with this super fun scavenger hunt. What a perfect way to spend those last days of summer with your little ones.

I can't wait to make my own yarn bowl just like this one from Renewed Upon a Dream.

I have never tried a winter melon before but despite the name this drink sounds refreshing and perfect for these hot summer days. Head on over to Food Corner for this winter melon drink recipe.

Can you believe this DIY ladder only cost $6? Osie Moats shares the details.

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