Monday, May 13, 2013

Dual-Language Children's Book Review

Children today are exposed to many languages at a young age. Through television, books, or even the grocery store. So it was no surprise that my five year old started showing an interest in speaking Spanish. Currently she knows a couple dozen Spanish words and can also count to 10 in Spanish. However, that only fueled her thirst to learn more. When I was asked to review a dual-language children's book I knew that I had to.

The book is called Bosley Sees the World. It is the first book in a series of 'The Adventures of Bosley Bear'. Bosley Sees the World is about a little bear that discovers there is a whole world outside of his cave. From climbing a mountain to swimming in the river, Bosley takes on new and exciting challenges and he explores the world around him.

The first time I read the book to my daughter I only read the English version. I wanted her to become familiar with the story before introducing any Spanish words. The second time I read the book, we went over each page, reading both versions. My daughter has read this book several times since then. She loves to read the English version herself then pick out certain words and ask me what the Spanish version of those words are.

Throughout the book there are simple words that kids hear and use everyday. Both the English and Spanish version of these words have been highlighted. There is also a guide in the back of the book to further help parents translate these words.
One thing I would like to see with this book is a CD or even a link to a webpage where kids can listen to the pronunciation of each word. 

Overall,  Bosley Sees the World is an amazing book, but more importantly, my daughter loves it. Simple phrases and repeat words make this book easy to read and simple to understand. The book is geared toward toddler and pre-school age children. At this age, children are able to absorb a large amount of information making it the perfect time to introduce a new language. One thing I would like to see with this book is a CD or even a link to a webpage where kids can listen to the pronunciation of each word. Currently Bosley's adventure is being sold in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

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I received no compensation for this review other than a free copy of the book. All of these opinions are 100% mine.

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