Saturday, April 20, 2013

16 uses for recycled pallets

Why is it that whenever you are looking for something you can never find it, yet whenever you are not looking for it you find it everywhere?
I'm on the search for some pallets.
It was only a few months ago that I saw an add in the paper giving away a ton of pallets. 
I saw them in alley ways, laying on the side of the road, next to dumpsters.
Yet, now that I am actively looking for a few pallets, I can't find a single one.
What would I want with a pallet?

Well here are a few ideas.

Toddler bed
Potting Bench
Outdoor Chair

Coffee Table
Accent Wall
Lounge Chair
Pet Bed
Photo Display
Wine Tasting Room Storage
Storage Bench

Coat Rack
Wall Art
Porch Swing

What would you do if you had a pallet?

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